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    For the first time this rare work provides guidelines how to use MATLAB software to solve all types of partial differential equations like elliptic, parabolic, eigen and hyperbolic by using simulink in MATLAB software. This book focuses on understanding the fundamental mathematical concepts and mastering problem-solving skills using all simulink techniques in MATLAB and skip some tedious derivations. Obviously, basic concepts must be taught so that students can properly formulate the mathematics problems. Afterwards, students can directly use the MATLAB codes to solve practical problems. Every algorithm introduced in this book is followed by example MATLAB code with an interface so that students can easily modify the code to solve real life problems. The goal is to make techniques understandable and easily accessible and to allow continued focus on the all engineering and sciences fields of the problems. Computational elegance and efficiency are gladly sacrificed for simplicity. Too many postgraduates students are completely in the dark when faced with variable chemical and physical properties and tend to assume them away without full knowledge of whether the effects are important
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