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  • lumintop iy365 ti pen light x 2 aaa batteries way mode switch edc cree led waterproof pen flashlight купить по лучшей цене

    Brand: NEXTORCH Model: K3 Emitter Brand: Cree LED Type: XPG BIN: R5 Color: White Number of Emitters: 1 Voltage Input: 1.5~3.0V Battery Configuration: 2 x AAA batteries (package comes 4 batteries) Circuitry: Digital Regulated 500mA Current Output Brightness: 180LM Runtime: 35 minutes (manufacturer rated) Number of Modes: 4 Mode Arrangement: High > Mid > Low > Fast Strobe Mode Memory: Yes Switch Type: Reverse clicky Switch Location: Tailcap Lens: Plastic Lens Reflector: Aluminum Textured/OP Strap Included: No Clip Included: Included Accessories/Spare parts: Chinese/English manual included Others Features: IPX-4 waterproof Hard anodized housing
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