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  • new arrival x5000 expansion board for raspberry pi 1 model b 2 model b 3 model b with 19v 4 7a power supper купить по лучшей цене

    1. This expansion board is only designed for Raspberry Pi Model B + 2. Xseries expansion board supplies the RPi with a regulated +5V through the GPIO header using a 2A poly-resettable (PTC) fuse 3. With the wide voltage input range the RPi can be powered from a wide variety of external sources such as batteries 12V power adapters solar battery sources etc. Additional +5V power outputs are also available at the pins of the JST servo ports connectors 4. Recommended Power Supplies: 110~240V AC input 12V DC 2A output. User Manual: http://m5.img.dxcdn.com/CDDriver/CD/sku.354713.docx
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